What our clients are saying about CA4Y


"A much needed service"

“As parents of a special needs child, we understand the importance of having a network to provide support, understanding, and resources to help us navigate our child’s life and development.  Community Advocates 4 You, Inc. provides a much needed service and fills a void that often exists for families of children with special needs.”

Tony and Vickie   

How CA4Y Supports Single Parents

"Community Advocates 4 You, Inc. advocated well when my son was struggling to have his voice heard and his disabilities addressed in school.  Eva helped me navigate beyond just the label ADHD, and assisted me in getting the school to put specific accommodations in place that would help my son to SOAR.  

Having the support of Community Advocates 4 You, Inc, not only helped my son;  but as a single mom, alleviated my anxiety of being the sole advocate for my family. They helped me to realize I had a community and it was no longer "me" against them.  Eva helped me with questions; suggestions that forced the school administration to "buy-in" to the fact that our goal was a common one; to help this student to succeed.

The academic and behavioral supports that were put in place helped my son's transition to high school and finally allowed him to thrive."


CA4Y partners with Messiah Community Church http://www.messiahcc.org

"Eva was super instrumental in creating an amazing ministry that served children with disabilities and their families. I am a mother to a child with autism and I work as a special education teacher. Eva, like myself understands the world of children with disabilities both professionally and personally. If it were not for Eva, the families at our church would not have a safe place they could bring their children while they attended service. They also would not have access to additional resources in the community to support their families. Eva has sacrificed so much to serve not just her family but all families. She is a dynamic woman and an example to all, especially me."  


Whitney J. Hogans Author, Educator & Public Speaker

A Grandparent's Perspective

"When Community Advocates 4 You, Inc. assisted my church's Special Needs ministry (The Overcomer’s Ministry) this fostered  a great learning experience not only for me but for several of my grandchildren as well.  I’ve worked with the ministry since it first started.  I have attended a variety of training sessions. All of which have helped me to have a deeper and broader understanding and appreciation for the children that we serve. It is my pleasure to work with the ministry.

Eva was a devoted leader that provided guidance and support in so many ways.  She not only helped me to learn how to work effectively with the children that we serve, but to be a better advocate for my grandchildren as it related to the public school system.  Children with learning differences are often overlooked, misunderstood, ignored, and treated unfairly.

Working with the ministry has been a very rewarding experience.  The children never cease to amaze me! The children look forward to coming to the ministry. It’s a blessing to have the ministry within the church.  Parents know that the team has been trained and that their children are in a warm and nurturing environment while they can relax and enjoy the service."

Lisa James

"Their mission to serve as connectors..."

As the parent of a child with special needs and a person who works in the special needs community, I am honored and humbled to throw my voice of support behind Community Advocates 4 You, Inc.. Their mission to serve as connectors for everyone involved in the life of a child with special needs – parents, providers, and advocates – is a breath of fresh air in this space. As the parent of a child who is almost 30, my wife and I know what it’s like to feel like you’re fighting an overwhelming battle all by yourself. Eva Queen and her team have taken on the mission of doing their best to ensure that your family has as much support as they can provide as you seek to provide the best possible life for your child with special needs and the rest of your family.

Brad Thompson, MS, LPC-S

Director, The Hali Project


LeadParent Support Specialist – Child Neurology Foundation Family Support & Empowerment Program